Alison’s Trip to Turkey

A little Q&A with Ms. Hotchkiss about her recent trip to Turkey here.  More photos coming next week, so stay tuned.
Q.  What was the best thing you ate in Turkey?
A.  Since everything was fresh and locally grown all my meals were pretty amazing but what we ate over and over again was the tomato and cucumber salad, fresh whole fish and the hummus. To die for.
Q.  Favorite word you learned while traveling?
A.  The Turkish language is so hard to learn, we did not get too advanced in that department.  The ONE word I learned was teşekkür ederim (thank you).
Q.  Best thing you bought/brought back home with you?
A.  That’s hard because I had three faves, it’s a tie…
1) all my textiles pillows – I got like 6 of them, all cozied up on my couch now
2) my kilim carpet, which looks great in my guest room
3) my brown leather shoes that I wear all the time now
Q.  Most memorable experience?
A.  Probably when we went on a three day boat cruise. Eating fresh fish, swimming in the mediterranean, sleeping under the stars on top of a boat, stopping at a different port each day to explore and meeting new people…  That was the best part for me.  These are the guys we went boat riding with:
Q.  What did you learn that you least expected?
A.  I had no idea that the call to prayer (1) existed and (2) was played 5 times a day throughout all the towns and cities. So, it was a wake up call to how important religion is as part of the culture there.  It’s very different from every day life in San Francisco, where most people just wake up, get a coffee and go to work.

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