Morgan Curley

Morgan loves taking care of people. Since she was eleven, she's basically made a living wage off of babysitting her brother, house sitting for neighbors and walking dogs for friends and family members. But more importantly, having come from a hospitality background, Morgan's always done these chores with positivity, a sense of gratitude and a smile on her face. Born and raised across the street from the ocean in Pacifica, Morgan's passion for the great outdoors and the open water have encompassed all aspects of her life. She embraces Carl the fog, loves walking her dog on the beach, and artistically dabbles in watercolor and calligraphy. After courageously holding five internships, Morgan graduated with honors from Chico State with a BS in Recreation Hospitality and Parks Management with a double option in Event Management and Resort and Lodging Management as well as a double minor in Marketing and Diversity Studies. Morgan also studied abroad in Reggio Emilia, Italy; where her addiction to a decent cup of coffee was ignited.