Enzo Pulgoso Glicken

Birthday: March 9th/Pisces
Hometown: Oakland, California
Education: SF Puppy Prep Kindergarten – San Francisco, CA SF Puppy Prep Junior High – San Francisco, CA
Eats: All-natural hormone free ground sirloin – Whole Foods (San Francisco, CA) Lamb patties – Stella & Chewies (Muskego, WI) Mom’s dinner mix of beef, pork, turkey, broccoli & spinach (Home in my bowl)
Epic Spots: Fort Funston beach Dolores Park Mom’s lap The sofa at AE office
Interests: Napping, running at full speed in huge circles, eating, napping, exploring new places, sniffing butts, going everywhere Mom goes, eating, napping, hanging with my best friend Tatonka, helping my Mom’s new consulting business succeed.
Official title:Guard Dog
Unofficial title: Love Bug, Cuddler, Shedder, UPS delivery men growler, Lap hopper, Smelly breath, Greater (always with a toy in mouth)
Team member since: 2011