Destination Spotlight: Pescadero, CA

Nestled about an hour south of San Francisco, a mile or two inland front the coast, is the cute little farming and fishing town of Pescadero.  The town boasts a few main attractions.  Arcangeli is this cute old bakery that makes the most amazing bread you’ve ever had, with whole artichokes cooked right into it.  The pub is called Duarte’s Tavern and they have a killer artichoke soup.  There’s a tiny antique shop with a killer selection of french linens.  Down the rood about half a mile is my favorite country store on earth, Phipp’s, which serves as an all-in-one beans and legumes market (they have an epic spread of dried beans, something like 30+ varieties), pet shop (if you’re shopping for birds or chickens), farm, nursery, petting zoo, and you can even pick your own strawberries and ollalaberries this time of year.  Best of all, there’s this adorable goat farm in town where fresh goat cheese is made daily and in abundance.  Harley Farms has a lovely cheese tasting room (free to taste!) and there’s a really cute little room upstairs that’s great for a part of about 10-20 guests.  Pescadero is a little small for a wedding, but it’s an awesome day trip for anyone getting married in Half Moon Bay or nearby.

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